3P Learning

3P Learning provides digital learning resources for maths, literacy and science.


Mathletics is used by more than 5,000 schools across the UK and is proven to significantly improve results and pupil engagement in maths. It contains 1,200 curriculum aligned activities along with courses, eBooks and videos to develop mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. It also offers in-built assessment and diagnostic reporting tools for teachers and can be accessed on PCs and tablet devices. Try Mathletics for free today!


Mathletics is a wonderful resource that I have seen stimulate and motivate pupils in many schools around the UK. Teachers speak very highly about the impact it has on both mathematical knowledge and understanding and on pupil attainment.
Martin Bailey (Director - Animate 2 Educate Ltd)

Spellodrome helps children to develop spelling, writing and communication skills, supporting them in the ‘GPS’ elements of the new curriculum. It offers pre-populated curriculum-aligned word lists for KS1 and KS2 and lists that can be customised from 10,000+ words; worksheets focusing on spelling, grammar and punctuation. Spellodrome engages children in spelling with interactive activities based on word lists assigned by their teacher. Visit our website for a free trial of Spellodrome!


Reading Eggs is designed to help teach children how to read and develop a love of reading. With 120 phonics and 200 comprehension lessons; 2,000 eBooks; creative writing areas; a teacher toolkit with lesson plans, plus spelling, punctuation and grammar games, Reading Eggs provides teachers with everything needed to raise the profile of reading and nurture high literacy standards. Register your school for a free trial of Reading Eggs!


IntoScience is a leap forward in secondary school science education, bringing the theory of science to life. Through hugely engaging 3D environments, virtual experiments and deep contextual activities, all fields of science are brought to life. IntoScience is not designed to replace experiments but brings the enthusiasm and passion which students have doing experiments, to the learning of the theory behind them and the scientific concepts involved. Learners expand their learning through inquiry, knowledge, application and reasoning. Give IntoScience a go and sign-up for a free trial!