Busythings.co.uk is a wonderfully quirky online educational world! It is filled with fun, humourous characters and lively colourful settings!
The Busythings apps are some of Animate 2 Educate Ltd's favourites for use in EYFS and KS1 and have been awarded the prestiguous Animate 2 Educate Gold Star. 
Apps such as 'Busy Bundle 1', 'Block-a-Doodle-Do' and 'Path Puzzler' are fantastic ways of introducing KS1 children to the concept of algorithms.
'Line Up' is another absolutely fantastic app from Busythings and is always one of the favourites during any Animate 2 Educate iPad training session.
Busythings also have a fantastic website where you can access an even greater bank of online content!
Bring your curriculum to life with Animate 2 Educate endorsed Busythings products!