What is EducationCity?

EducationCity is a leading online cross-curricular primary resource for students aged 3-12, which is transforming teaching and learning with its fun, interactive and engaging learning materials. Make a difference to your classroom today with EducationCity...

Trusted and used in over 15,500 schools in the UK and worldwide.

  • Modules cover Mathematics/Numeracy, English/Literacy, Science, Computing, French, Spanish, and English as an additional language.
  • Teaching resources include Activities, Topic Tools, Learn Screens, Student Tools, ThinkIts, Activity Sheets, Teacher Notes and Lesson Plans aligned to core curriculum topics and learning objectives, as well as competitive multi-player PlayLive challenges for mental maths, spelling and French.
  • Resources are ideal for whole-class use on the whiteboard, as well as individual use on computers and on mobile devices.
  • Track students’ progress with our powerful SuccessTracker feature which monitors each Activity and Test that every student completes.
  • Plan lessons at home with free home access for teachers.
  • Extend your subscription to include Home Access so your students can access EducationCity anytime, anywhere.
  • Deliver lessons with the help of printables such as our brand new Teacher Resource Pack and Topical Resources.
  • Access full support and training, as a teacher, through online resources, telephone and face-to-face training.

"An awesome resource! No other resource works like it in our school... every child is happy and motivated to work at EducationCity and it seems to overcome their fear of failure!” Mary Farmer, ICT Co-ordinator, The Cedars Primary.

Visit EducationCity’s website today to register your school for a free trial!