Now Press Play

Animate 2 Educate Ltd discovered 'Now Press Play' at The BETT Show 2015 and were blown away by this brilliant product.
Like Animate 2 Educate, Now Press Play is all about bringing the curriculum to life and what better way to do it than through fusing wireless technology, drama and sound to create unique educational experiences.
A now>press>play workshop is an interactive & immersive way of learning the curriculum and having experienced the product for himself, Animate 2 Educate Director Martin Bailey is delighted to endorse this wonderful product.

Imagine each pupil wearing their own headset, totally immersed in the activity. The sounds of the Blitz for example in their ears, making them feel like they were actually living during WW2!

There is an ever-growing bank of Literacy, Numeracy, History and Science topics available that are sure to completely engross your pupils and stimulate their imagination.

Visit the Now Press Play website