Trilby TV

Switch on your Signage with TrilbyTV

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform made for education.


We are on a mission to Switch On Your Signage with TrilbyTV. The number 1 digital signage platform made for education.

We made TrilbyTV because we kept walking into schools and finding digital signage turned off. If you are looking for a new, effective and simple to use digital signage tool then TrilbyTV is for you. Say goodbye to clocks, news feeds and static slideshows. Bring your school reception area to life with engaging content made by your students.

Getting started is easy. Grab an AppleTV or an iPod and plug it into your digital signage screen, then Upload, Approve and Playback!


  • TrilbyTV is cloud based meaning once set up you can access and play your content anywhere.
  • Upload, Approve and Playback. We’ve made our apps work on any platform – iOS, Mac, Windows and Android are all supported.
  • Once uploaded, the video is sent to the moderator who will clear it for publishing.
  • Categories are adjustable and edited by you in the admin console which gives you control of other system settings as well.
  • Each TrilbyTV comes with 25GB of storage, giving you space to store around 8 hours of amazing video.
  • You can have an unlimited number of players with your TrilbyTV license, so if you have one screen or fifteen TrilbyTV will work for you.

  • Upload MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, and many other popular video formats
  • 25GB of secure cloud based storage per license (around 10 hours of video)
  • Uses the latest in HTTP streaming technologies (HLS) to cater for all connection types
  • Playback on any size and type of screen via iOS, tvOS, OS X, Windows or Chrome
  • Integrates with Google Apps for Education authentication
  • Unlimited user license supporting as many staff and students as you have
  • Public Links can be made from any clip to allow wider sharing
  • Embed Links option to add content to your VLE, website or other workflow tools
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For more information download our pdf datasheet:
Player Dashboard
The TrilbyTV Player Dashboard gives you centralised control and administration of multiple TrilbyTV Players. From one simple web interface you can see all of your TrilbyTV Players and their current status. Player Dashboard gives you full control over playback and configuration as if you were standing at the screen.
  • Control and configure multiple players from one web-based console
  • Connect new Players to your dashboard using a short code
  • At-a-glance player status, Green – OK, Yellow – Potential issue, Red – Offline/Disconnected Screen
  • Import and export settings for quickly changing a screen configuration
  • Easily set up new devices by copying from existing player settings
  • Works with Chrome Browser(Mac/Win/Linux), ChromeOS, iOS and tvOS TrilbyTV Players