Bring any curriculum topic to life with an Animate 2 Educate animation session.

All sessions are individually tailored around your chosen theme and a wide range of animation software is available, making sessions suitable for pupils of all ages.

Animation provides an effective approach to engage all children in the classroom. It requires good communication and problem solving skills, along with teamwork, perseverance and resilience. Animating ignites students' imaginations and unleashes their creativity, providing an alternative to writing and gives pupils a voice to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a topic.

A large part of the new computing curriculum is about purposefully creating digital content such as animations. However it's not just the Computing box that animation ticks. It can be used across the curriculum to enhance, explore, evaluate and explain any topic and to demonstrate knowledge about any curriculum subject.

The versatility of these sessions mean that they can represent all kinds of school topics and are great for 'bringing the curriculum to life'  in a fun and creative way.