BETT Show Blog (Day 4)

28th January 2017

Started day 4 of BETT with a coffee meet-up and dance party with our great friends from GoNoodle and ClassDojo. Two fabulous and FREE resources for use in the Primary classroom. After a long and tiring day on Friday it was the perfect to start to wake us up for another exciting day.

First stop for my Lanchester EP Digital Leaders inside of BETT Show (Day 4) was the amazing 'Now Press Play' in the BETT Futures zone. 'Now Press Play' fuses wireless technology, drama and sound to create unique educational experiences that bring the curriculum to life. We're all a huge fan of this product at Lanchester.

Lanchester EP Digital Leaders loved 'Night Zookeeper' in the BETT Futures zone. We've been lucky enough to have the Nightzookeeper boys visit our school twice and are looking forward to them returning again in June. Huge fan of Nightzookeeper. Great resource for inspiring a love of writing.
My Lanchester EP Digital Leaders presented on the 2Simple stand at BETT for the second day running. We all love PurpleMash at Lanchester and was an amazing experience for our pupils to be able to present to teachers from all around the world.
Final stop for my Lanchester EP Digital Leaders at BETT was to see my great friends at 'Zu3D'. The best animation software by far in my opinion and my Digital Leaders absolutely love it too!
Incredibly touched by the amazing response and feedback that I received after presenting at BETT this afternoon. Huge thank you to all who attended the session.
App list of apps shared during 'Bringing the Curriculum to Life' presentation at BETT:
  • 8mm
  • News Booth
  • ColorSplash
  • Typorama
  • Pixomatic
  • Skitch
  • Little Digits
  • Foldify
  • ChatterPix Kids
  • Morfo Booth
  • Doodlecast Pro
As a post-BETT treat I accompanied my Lanchester EP Digital Leaders to The Rainforest Cafe in London. We chose this restaurant as in the summer term our whole school production will be the rainforest set play 'Yanamamo'.
Ended a fantastic day by taking the Lanchester EP Digital Leaders to see 'Matilda' in the West End. Absolutely amazing show. Staff enjoyed it just as much as the kids!
All the hard work is made worthwhile when one of your Digital Leaders comes out with a comment like this . . .