CESI TeachMeet

3rd March 2017

Had a wonderful night at the CESI TeachMeet at the Regency Hotel (Dublin). The TeachMeet is held on the eve of the annual CESI Conference and attracted a large crowd from around Ireland and beyond!
There was a lovely vibe to the evening. Many great presentations were shared, but like any TeachMeet, but the best part of the evening are the informal conversations and great craic that you share with others in attendance. 
Was delighted and honoured to have been asked to present at the event and was very humbled by the amazing response that I received both in person and online to my 'A Healthy APPetite' presentation.
Below I share the apps used during my presentation:
Began my presentation with 'Skitch' app. Skitch is a FREE app from Evernote that allows you to easily annotate any image. Great with both photographs and text-based images. Very easy to use and so many great uses across the curriculum.
Next I did a bit of app smashing (the process of combining two or more apps to get your end result). Started by using the app 'TagCloud' to create a word collage of adjectives to describe Horrid Henry.
I added Horrid Henry to this word collage by using the app 'Pixomatic'. This has become one of my favourite and most useful apps during this academic year. Pixomatic allows you to quickly and easily take one part of an image (in this case Horrid Henry) and then change the background (in this case the word collage background). 
Again an app that has so many fantastic uses across the curriculum. Remember to not only use with book characters, historical figures etc, but also by using images of pupils and then adding them into settings from stories, world locations etc.
Next up I used the app 'ColorSplash'. Colour splash art is the process of turning an image black and white and then bringing back certain features of the image.
In my presentation I used a scene from New York of a yellow New York taxi cab, but I love creating emotive images with pupils linked to the beautiful colours that may be in the clothes of world religions studied, or the face paints etc of certain tribes, celebratory events. Have also used in things such as science lessons where a photograph of food on a table is taken and then only the healthy food is brought back into colour.
Bit more app smashing next by word swagging the ColorSplash image using 'Typorama' app. Typorama is again a FREE app and allows you to add wonderful text creations to any image.
Adds real value to the images that you share and gets children thinking about persuasive slogans and how to create powerful adverts etc.
Next I moved onto video apps. With the advancement of tablet technology we now take an increasing amount of video footage, but it is really important to add value to this video. Lots of the topics that we teach did not take place in a 3D/HD age!!!
Started with the app '8mm'. This app allows a variety of filters to be placed on the camera, giving you authentic black and white flickering images etc. Great for those topics (first Moon landing etc) where video footage does exist, but is not in colour, or of the standard of footage that we now have. 
Used the 1920s filter to create a little bit black and white footage of the delegates in the room.

Next I used the FREE app 'News Booth' and did a bit more app smashing by combining this app with the video footage that had just been taken using 8mm app.
For children nowadays it is the text and ticker tape etc that makes them aware that the news is on TV and so if we are creating news reports then it is important that we make these look authentic.
News Booth allows you to quickly and easily import any video and then select from a variety of styles to make your news report match the relevant period.
On certain styles an image can also be insetrted, so you can have one pupil in the studio and be handing over to an outside reporter.

Ended my presentation with the FREE app 'Quik' (in-app purchases do allow for additional styles) and made live a slideshow of images that I had taken throughout the evening.
Quik does what it says on the tin . . . allowing you to quickly and easily make a slideshow of any images that are stored on your device. All transitions are automatically addded, free music is included and text can easily be added to create titles and to add captions.
I've found this to be a fantastically useful app for instantly creating video slideshows to share online or post to screens around school etc.

A wonderful night spent with wonderful people and already looking forward to catching up with people again soon. Delighted to have been invited to present at CESI Conference 2018 and a number of delegates have expressed an interest in attending my own conference in the North East of England on 9th June (special CESI only discount will be sent to all members this week). Delegates have also expressed an interest in me visiting schools in Ireland to deliver pupil workshops or staff training sessions and again I would be delighted to do this.
For further information on anything please don't hesitate to email me at: martinbailey@animate2educate.co.uk
Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality and great craic! 
Further details about the conference and pre-event TeachMeet can be found in the 'Courses & Conferences' section of my website.