Jamf School - Jigsaw 24

17th June 2021

Introduced our new MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution at Lanchester EP today. Delighted to have partnered with Jigsaw24 and to be using ‘Jamf School’ to manage both our pupil and staff iPads throughout school. As the number of our devices throughout school continues to grow there was a growing need for an effective device management solution and for a partner to manage the devices on our behalf. Been incredibly impressed by the staff at Jigsaw, such as Dan Robert Gilchrist and Paul Tullock who have given us practical and expert advice and who have provided high quality training. Initial impressions of Jamf School are very positive and service from Jigsaw when requesting new apps etc has been very quick and efficient. Can highly recommend anyone looking for an MDM solution for their school to get in touch with Jigsaw. Very much looking forward to developing the partnership.