9th Birthday

9th March 2021

Celebrating my 9th birthday as Animate 2 Educate today! Fair to say that this past year has not been what I’d planned for Animate 2 Educate, but I’m pleased that in unprecedented and very difficult circumstances that I’ve been able to diversify and still support schools around the UK and beyond. Only seems like five minutes ago that I was delivering my very first ever Animate 2 Educate session at Birchwood Primary School, Tamworth on 9th March 2012 (creating stop-motion animations using Olympic mascots ahead of London 2012), so quite surreal to now be starting my tenth year of the business. A huge thank you to each and every person who has supported me over the past nine years. I’m very proud of how the business has grown and developed in that time, but have only been able to achieve what I have because so many people have shown so much love towards Animate 2 Educate. Hopefully all children returning to school yesterday was the first step towards a brighter future again. Now taking bookings for the summer and autumn terms and can’t wait to start visiting more schools again. Here’s to making my tenth year a very special one!