Bett Show Blog (Day 1)

25th January 2017

Began first day at BETT in my role as member of Naace Board of Management and enjoyed introducing lots of new companies to Naace.
Called by 'Learn Live - Primary Theatre' to see my fellow Naace Board Member Paddy Carroll. Great turnout for him. Standing room only!!! Paddy shares my passion for giving children a global voice!
Very interesting chat with 'Care Monkey'. Medical records are one of the few things that schools still very much rely on paper-based systems. Can see great advantages in having access to all medical information and contact details through 'Care Monkey app.
Was great to bump into my good friend Dawn Hallybone and her Digital Leaders from Oakdale Junior School. Meeting Dawn with her fantastic Digital Leaders at Bett 2016 was my inspiration for arranging to brin my own Digital Leaders to BETT Show this year.
My Lanchester EP colleague David Mordue did a fantastic job on the BrainPOP UK stand, wowing the crowds alongside a 10ft high inflatable Moby.
Interesting to find out more about 'Class Hub' (from makers of 'Parrott'). I hadn't been impressed with 'Apple Classroom Manager' and this maybe offers a very good alternative.
Delighted to see a buzz around the 'Zu3D stand at BETT. For me it is the best animation software available. Love using in animation sessions around the UK.
Great to see Zoe Ross in the 'Bett Futures area with her new company 'Mind Moose'. Lots of positive feedback from those visiting the stand.
Loving the range of laptop bags and cases from Great patented strap that prevents your bag slipping off your shoulder. Can either buy the whole case or the strap on its own for £10 (can then be added to most laptop cases). Definitely be making a purchase before the end of the week!
My Animate 2 Educate Gold Star for day one at BETT Show goes to 'Padcaster'. Fantastic product that turns your iPad into a mobile production studio. Going to completely transform the green screen sessions that I deliver in schools. Highly recommend to all schools and very happy to endorse with the award of the prestigious 'Animate 2 Educate Gold Star'.