St.Alban's - Day 2

23rd April 2015

Started day at St.Alban's RC Primary (Gateshead) today by working with Year 2 pupils. We used 'Helicopter Rescue' and 'Path Puzzler' from to introduce computer programming concepts and then put our new found knowledge of algorithms and debugging into action by using the wonderful 'Kodable' app. We then did some digital literacy work linked to current 'Transport' topic. First we used 'Create a Car' from ABCYa Games to design and make our own car that we were then able to use in a game and finally we used 'ABCYa Animate' (also from ABCYa Games) to make a transport-themed stop-motion animation.

Second lesson today at St.Alban's RC Primary (Gateshead) I was with the Year 3 class. This time we used 'Path Puzzler', Kodable and 'A.L.EX.' To teach computer programming. We combined practical programming with A.L.E.X. app and had pupils walking about the room as robots so that they could understand turning clockwise and anti-clockwise through 90 degrees. We then did some digital literacy work linked to current 'Egyptians' topic. First we brought Tutankhamen back to life using 'Morfo Booth' and then finally pupils loved being part of their own Egyptian animation when using 'PuppetPals 2'.

This afternoon I was with the Year 5 class at St.Alban's RC Primary School (Gateshead). Again we did a combination of both computer programming and digital literacy activities. Used Kodable, 'A.L.E.X', 'Lightbot Jr.' and 'Lego Mindstorms: Fix the Factory' apps to teach computer programming and then did a variety of digital literacy activities linked to 'Victorians' topic. First pupils used 'Moldiv' to make Victorians pic collages, then used 'Videolicious' to make Victorians information videos. Queen Victoria was brought back to life using 'Morfo Booth' and 'Tellegami' proved to be one of the favourite apps, where pupils made their own avatar to describe an aspect of Victorian life.