Computer Programming (Lanchester EP)

11th February 2016

Fab time delivering Computer a Programming session with my Year 1 pupils at Lanchester EP (Co.Durham) this morning. Started the lesson by looking at apps from to introduce concepts of algorithms, debugging and decomposition.

During second half of session with Year 1 pupils at Lanchester EP this morning I used 'Timbuktu Pizza Pro' app to introduce the concept of algorithms in our everyday lives and how a recipe is a type of algorithm. Pupils had to follow the recipes and create different types of pizzas. If they had to followed the recipe (algorithm) correctly then Eegor would happily eat their pizza, otherwise he'd toss it across the room and some serious 'debugging' would be needed. The notion of 'decomposition' is also covered by breaking the recipe down into smaller parts.

During Computer Programming session with my Year 6 pupils at Lanchester EP this afternoon I used 'Sketch Nation Studio' app. Pupils loved designing, creating and then finally playing their own computer games. Simple to use, yet very effective app that I highly recommend. Really brings out the creativity in pupils. All were buzzing by the end of the lesson and were rushing to download it themselves.