'Arloon' Apps

8th September 2015

I look at 100s of different apps each month, but sometimes you just get that WOW moment!!! Today was one of those days with some fabulous new apps from 'Arloon'. I'm a big fan of augmented reality apps and believe that it has amazing power to transform teaching and learning, but to date most augmented reality apps are a bit 'gimmicky' and have not been created for the educational market. These fab apps though have very much been created with education in mind. They use just a single 'trigger' across all apps (easily printable from the Arloon website) and suddenly you can have plants growing beneath your eyes and planets spinning around your desk. With a Primary audience in mind I believe the 'Solar System' app would be an excellent addition to anyone studying Space and the 'Geometry' app offers something very powerful when looking at 3D shapes (you can even watch the shape open up into a net!). The 'Plants' and 'Anatomy' apps certainly have some elements suitable for KS2 pupils, but some elements are aimed more at s KS3 audience. Hopefully there will be many more exciting additions from 'Arloon' in the coming months. For anyone with tablet technology in school, these apps are definitely worth checking out!