eSafety - St.Wilfrid's

27th April 2015

Great day of eSafety workshops with pupils, parents and staff at St.Wilfrid's RC Primary School (Gateshead) today.

KS1 pupils at St.Wilfrid's created their own avatars using 'Twinkl Avatar Creator' and then added alternative voices to them using 'Chatterpix Kids' from Duck Duck Moose. The activity helped children to think about the voice and person behind the online picture and how this might not be always what you had imagined.

KS2 pupils at St.Wilfrid's made their avatars using 'Wee Me' and then brought these to life with an alternative voice using the fabulous 'Morfo Booth' app. Pupils were taught how avatars are good at keeping our own personal information private by not using real photos, but the flip side of this is that strangers can also use them to conceal their real identity.

Once more 'My iStick USB' was invaluable today in being able to quickly transfer avatars that pupils had created on the iPads onto the class teacher's desktop PC.

Staff at St.Wilfrid's loved the bespoke eSafety posters that 'Daydream Education' now offer. This SMART rules one is great for displaying in all classrooms around your school. It can be personalised with school colours, badge, moto, website, QR code linked to eSafety policy etc etc.