BETT Show Blog (Day 3)

27th January 2017

Real honour to have been asked to speak to the press from the 'Western Balkans Countries' at BETT Show today. Spoke about creative use of technology in U.K. education. Hopefully shared some ideas that can be implemented back in their home countries.
Was delighted to welcome my Digital Leaders from Lanchester EP Primary School (Co.Durham) to BETT today. All made possible thanks to the support of these wonderful companies . . . 
My Digital Leaders started their day at BETT on the TTS stand where they demonstrated their range of fantastic products. 

Next the Digital Leaders had the amazing exoerience of officially launching 'J2Blast' for Very proud of them. They did a fantastic job! 

Up next for the Digital Leaders was the 2Simple stand where they confidently demonstrated many aspects of the fabulous PurpleMash.

On next to BrainPOP (one of our favourite resources at Lanchester) where the Digital Leaders took part in a lesson using BrainPOP alongside my Lanchester EP colleague David Mordue.
Digital Leaders telling teachers from all over the world just why they love BrainPOP.

Finally for my Digital Leaders they appeared LIVE on the radio where they chatted to the wonderful Russell Prue about their BETT experiences and how they use technology at Lanchester EP. You can listen to a podcast of the shoe by visiting
The Animate 2 Educate Gold Star for Day 3 of BETT goes to 'CareMonkey'. Very impressed by this product. Medical forms and information remain one of the few things that are still often paper-based in schools. CareMonkey gives all medical information via an app (even when offline) and allows for digital signage of permission forms etc. Definitely something that I will be looking to introduce at my own school as we continue our journey towards a digital school.
Ended Day 3 at BETT by attending #TMBett and #TMSocial. Great to soend time with such a wonderful group of educators.