Blended - Learning - Lanercost

5th October 2020

After over 6 months away it was great to be back as Animate 2 Educate again today. Delivered staff meeting for Lanercost CE Primary School (Carlisle, Cumbria) looking at ‘Blended Learning’. The school were very keen to learn from our experiences at Lanchester EP throughout 2020 and the effective ways in which we have been able to deliver online learning. I am now supporting them in implementing resources such as eSchools and Learning by Questions which have been invaluable to us at Lanchester EP in recent months. This evening’s staff meeting was delivered via Zoom, but I am now physically visiting schools again and happy to deliver training and consultancy work either face-to-face or virtually. Bookings coming in thick and fast now as schools look for support in providing their online learning provision.