Greek Day - Dunston Hill

14th December 2021

Had an absolutely fabulous ‘Greek Day’ with the two Year 6 classes Dunston Hill Community Primary School (Gateshead) today. Pupils started by having a wonderful immersive now>press>play experience where they learnt about key features of Ancient Greece, such as the war between Athens and Sparta. Next they used ‘Let’s Create Pottery HD’ app to make their own Greek-inspired pottery before using ‘Minecraft’ to design and build their own Greek temple. Finally they used ‘2DIY3D’ (part of ‘Purple Mash’ from 2Simple) to create their own ‘Theseus & The Minotaur’ themed computer games. An amazing day of bringing the curriculum to life and delighted that the school has already booked me again for 2022. Looking forward to working with all of the fantastic pupils and staff again once more.