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1st March 2021

Make Your Own Video Games

Whilst working away doing administration for the  Family Video Game Database , I am struck by how many small indie game developers there are out there. Some of the most interesting and niche games you may never have heard of are made by small companies and individuals all over the world.


As my teenagers think about their futures at college and university, a career in games is a really valid option. My daughter doing art and design could easily move into the games design world and my son has been looking into doing an E-sports course at post 16 level. 


BAFTA runs a Young Game Designers Competition (BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition ) to encourage and showcase young talent and many schools use Scratch to introduce pupils to the world of coding. There are lots of ways kids can get the game developer bug!


Here are some of our suggestions of games that help kids get video-game-creative:


Dreams (PEGI 12)

In Dreams you can create games, animations and art just using the PS4 controller. It provides a really simple way to create any type of game from Naughts and Crosses to a complex adventure. As the players skills and creativity grow they can take it in any direction. Creations can be shared online or kept for personal use and are a great way to open the door into game development.


Minecraft (PEGI 7) 

In the ever popular Minecraft, along with the  infinite worlds are created by each player. Children can also use ‘Red Stone circuitry to automate their creations and make interactive spaces.


Super Mario Maker (PEGI 7) 

Super Mario Maker is a simple game making system which offers an array of ways to create running and jumping platform games which can be shared online. You can also try out hundreds of games that other players have created.


Level Head (PEGI 3) 

Levelhead allows the player to create platform levels using simple drag and drop tools to navigate your delivery robot. Players can team up via the couch coop mode and you can download and play other people’s level creations.


For loads of other game creator suggestions below we have a list of game that let you make your own Video games (Family Video Game Database Website)