St.Alban's - Day 3

24th April 2015

Began day at St.Alban's RC Primary (Gateshead) in nursery this morning. We used apps such as 'Sand Drawing' and 'Dada Dot' to practice writing skills using the stylus pens, used the brilliant Numeracy app 'Little Digits' and were introduced to computer programming using 'Helicopter Rescue' from Busythings. Pupils then developed their creativity by using a a range of fabulous apps from the wonderful teams at Toca Boca and Sago Sago.

Fab computer programming workshop with Year 1 pupils at St.Alban's RC Primary School (Gateshead) after break this morning. Used 'Helicopter Rescue', 'Path Puzzler' and 'Line Up' from to to teach pupils computer programming concepts such as algorithms and debugging.

Ended my 3 days at St.Alban's by working with both of the Year 4 classes this afternoon, delivering computer programming workshops. Started with 'Path Puzzler' and then progressed to 'Kodable' and 'A.L.E.X'. Pupils loved taking on the role of the robot and practically carrying out the instructions by stepping onto different pieces of paper on the classroom carpet.