Games Creation - Theseus & The Minotaur

8th October 2020

Loved this ‘Games Creation’ lesson with my Year 6 pupils at Lanchester EP. Currently studying Ancient Greece as their topic and so decided to make a Theseus and the Minotaur themed maze (labyrinth) game. Pupils used ‘2DIY3D’ (part of the brilliant Purple Mash by 2Simple Software) to design and create a multi-level game. They through the carefully about the location of the game, using appropriate stone and soil scenery and obstacles such as rocks and Greek pillars which also matched with the theme of the game. They thought about the movement of characters, added appropriate sound effects and instructions. Their games had appropriate stories which flowed through them. For example in level one you might have to find a key which opens a door to take you into level two. Incredibly impressed by the games which were created and pupils loved playing the games of their peers and providing consumer feedback as to how it could be further improved. Can highly recommend this activity as a way of bringing your curriculum to life.