EYFS Computer Programming (Burnside Primary)

28th June 2016

Great day of Computer Programming with Reception pupils at Burnside Primary School (Cramlington, Northumberland). Used fabulous resources from Busythings.co.uk to introduce the concepts of algorithms and debugging.

Recipe algorithms with EYFS pupils at Burnside Primary School (Cramlington, Northumberland) today. Used the fantastic 'Timbuktu Pizza Pro' app. The app uses picture-based recipes so pupils are able to choose the correct ingredients to make the different types of pizzas. Once their pizzas have been made they then need to bake them and serve them to Egor (the restaurant's most regular customer). If your algorithm is correct then Egor will happily eat your pizza, otherwise he will throw it back in your face and some serious debugging will be needed!

Firm believer that apps can be a great stimulus for conversation and interaction between pupils. Witnessed some great discussion between pupils using Sago Mini 'Boats' app at Burnside Primary School (Cramlington, Northumberland) today linked to their current STEM topic of 'Boats'.