Holocaust Memorial Day

27th January 2021

HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY . . . one year ago I was honoured to welcome Sigmund ‘Sigi’ Ciffer to a Holocaust Memorial Day event at my own school (Lanchester EP, Co.Durham). Sigi is a 90 year-old Holocaust survivor and shared his fascinating story with pupils from around the North East. Seems somewhat surreal now that the school hall was packed with pupils with packed with pupils from 25 different schools. As the world has changed so much in the past year, I feel so lucky that with the support of Nigel Canin, Simple, Ronit Selby and Jane Davis that we were able to stage this event and that hundred of pupils could hear first-hand Siri’s inspirational story. Sigi is without question ‘the light in the darkness’ and a true inspiration to us all. Holocaust Memorial Day is a day to remember the horror of this awful event in history. A minutes silence for each of the victims would last 11 years! It didn't start with concentration camps. It started with racial hatred and a dialogue of propaganda that permeated society. No-one is superior to anyone else. We are all just people. We are living in a world in danger of repeating history! Don't let it. BE THE LIGHT! Never forget. Auschwitz remains as testimony to the horror. A reminder to the world of what can happen if hatred takes hold. It is a haunting place that was the end for so many innocent lives. REMEMBER THEM.