Switching on our signage with 'TrilbyTV'

5th May 2017

Like many schools I was faced with the problem of digital signage screens that were either switched off, or displaying out-of-date photos and information.

I’d previously prepared a rolling PowerPoint that ran on the office screen, but found this to be a very time consuming and unmanageable task. Unless I could find time to update on a weekly basis, then then screen tended to be turned off. Became a somewhat farcical case of just having it on and in use for special events and visitors.

I was looking for a product that was quick and that could be used by all staff members, in order to effectively switch on our signage.

Staff and pupils had been creating video footage and photographic content on iPads and other digital devices for a number of years and I was very keen for this content to be shared with a wider audience.

Twitter had provided the culture of all staff collectively posting and sharing messages to the school community, but often only one image of an event such a school trip, or sporting event would be shared. I wanted all children to feel that sense of pride in their achievements and experiences being shared with visitors to the school.

In January of this year I introduced TrilbyTV at my school (Lanchester EP, County Durham) and the transformation and response has been remarkable.

TrilbyTV allows video content to be remotely uploaded to any of the display screens in our school. Currently we have three screens: the main reception screen, one in the EYFS entrance and the main screen in the school hall.

Using their iPads and the TrilbyTV app, staff simply select the video that they want to upload and then select the screen or screen that they want the videos to be displayed on. Within seconds the videos are playing on the screens and the staff member has not had to leave their desk!

Because you are not physically inserting a memory stick or running a PowerPoint, content can be uploaded from any location with Internet access. Not only does this make it easily manageable for staff, but also means that content can be uploaded from anywhere in the world that staff or pupils are visiting.

We live in an instant world now and people want to view news from that day, not from a week or a month ago! Already this year we have been able to share videos instantly back to school from our BETT trip to London, from a residential in the Scottish borders and from an Erasmus video to Italy. This really makes the whole school actively involved in these great events when they are seeing videos on the screens around school and watching almost live during assemblies.



TrilbyTV supports any video content from the camera roll on the iPad. I’d particularly recommend using alongside the app ‘Quik’. Staff can create amazing video slideshows in seconds using this app and then the content can be quickly uploaded to TrilbyTV and displayed on screens around school.

We have our display screens connected to TrilbyTV via Apple TV devices, but there are a wide range of Apple and Android alternatives for making a connection.

We have a very active Twitter feed at our school and TrilbyTV has also recently incorporated the option for this to be displayed on the feed. Another great addition to an already fabulous product.

I can highly recommend TrilbyTV to any school who find themselves in a similar situation of turned off display screens. The culture of staff taking photos and creating video content on digital devices is very much there and it is important that this content is able to be shared with the school community. TrilbyTV allows an easy and effective way for this to happen and would be a great addition to any school.

Video quickly made using 'Quik' app and then instantly shared onto our screens around school using TrilbyTV.