Jump for Joy

8th March 2021

Many parents and children will have been jumping for joy this morning as all pupils return to school. At Lanchester EP we therefore thought it might be nice to create a little video to welcome everyone back on this special day. We asked for a ‘Jump for Joy’ photo from all pupils and then created this video set to ‘Reach’ by SClub 7. The lyrics of the song reflect 2021 perfectly. There have certainly been many mountains to climb in recent months, but we continue to reach fo rather stars and I’m sure I speak for all teachers and all those in education that we are delighted to have all our pupils back into school again. There will of course be anxieties (from staff, pupils and parents), but the dedication of the education profession over this past 12 months has been absolutely outstanding and we will continue to support all members of the school community in whatever way is needed in the weeks and months ahead. Today is a special day though and we all hope that it is the first step towards a bright future. Enjoy the video. Hope that it makes you smile and brings a bit positivity on this rather unique Monday morning.
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