Fonetti - World Book Day

4th March 2021

World Book Day seemed the perfect time to introduce my Lanchester EP pupils to ‘Fonetti’. Fonetti is an interactive reading app that listens to children as they read aloud. Trialled it with the Y5 bubble in school today. Response from the children was very positive and I was also incredibly impressed by the technology. Had 15 children in today all reading aloud simultaneously and yet the app was still able to correctly identify which words they had read correctly. Lots of useful instant data then provided to my teacher portal. The range of books available is good (and is growing) and are of a high standard. I gave pupils free reign today of a wide variety of genre of books and certainly they were engaged and stimulated by the texts. I’ll be interested to see if the technology can cope with a full class of children and when pupils are sat adjacently to someone, but even if for supporting groups or individual readers this is certainly an exciting new product which I will look forward to trialling and utilising more in the coming weeks and months. You can visit their website to find out more: