Among Us

29th January 2021

Loads of children are huge fans of the online game ‘Among Us’. Got to give a huge shoutout to a fellow Geordie Stephanie (A Little, but a Lot) for this wonderful maths activity linked to the game and the idea of ‘finding the imposter’. Here is the link to her ‘A Little but A Lot’ blog where you can download the PowerPoint template to use with your own pupils/children for in-class or her home learning: At a time when many children are struggling with home learning, a little hook into learning like this may be just what they need. Among Us has a PEGI rating of 7+, so is certainly appropriate to be referenced in lessons with KS2 pupils, although I know many younger children also enjoy playing the game. Keep checking Steph’s blog for more great ideas and also recommend following her on Twitter: @eenalol